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Nat Goodspeed

Linden Lab
Nat Goodspeed first read about C++ shortly after implementing a medium-sized language interpreter in classic C. Almost every C++ feature led to forehead smacking accompanied by muttered remarks about how the language could have solved THIS problem... He has been fascinated (sometimes infuriated) by C++ ever since.

When he first encountered Boost libraries, a light shone from the heavens and choirs of angels sang "AAAAAAH..." The idea of writing and maintaining C++ code without Boost has become unthinkable -- even now that some of those libraries have been adopted into the C++ standard.

Nat has presented papers on coroutines and fibers to WG21, the ISO C++ committee. He has spoken on these topics at C++ Now conferences.

Nat has worked on databases, games and virtual worlds, usually on architecture and infrastructure. He has functioned as Boost evangelist within various organizations.